Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cuddle Up Like the Moon

Through the window we see the wintry sky,
The curve of the waning moon
Bright against its black cold;
A silent reminder of the One
That governs over the darkness.

It casts a warming glow on the bed inside,
The wiggling of a young girl fighting sleep
Brings smiles to a slumbering father lying near,
Thankful for the gift of a daughter's love
In this dark generation of icy hearts.

Her sudden request opens his tired eyes,

"Da-da, will you cuddle up like the moon with me?"
The meaning remaining a mystery,
Until he sees again from her pillow perspective
The ruler of the nighttime sky.

In response the father becomes a crescent

As she snuggles her little body against his,
The chattering fading and sleep triumphing again.
Yet not before she says in faith not yet full,
"It's hard to say I love God more than you."

So as she closes her eyes to enter sleep’s peace,

He whispers again of One unseen,

The Giver of all love and seasons;

And reminds her that one day she will awake

Beyond the moon in her true Father's embrace.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

If Nothing Else, the Picture is Cool

This Saturday, February 7, the First Reformed Presbyterian Church is hosting their Conference on Practical Theology. Entitled The War for Poverty: Reclaiming and Restoring the Ministry of Mercy in the Local Congregation, little ole me will be speaking three times that day, with a question and answer period following each talk. I'm looking forward to the fellowship with the saints at First RPC, one of our newest congregations. I'm also thankful that several of our members, including two of our deacons who practice this subject far more than I do, will be traveling there to support me and help in answering questions that may arise.

As I have not only been buried in my study in preparation for it, but also involved in numerous pastoral situations trying to live it even this week, I have not had much blogging time. But I thought any readers of this blog would enjoy seeing the neat picture some creative person at First RPC came up with to advertise the conference (please click it to see further information), and that I could use this as a last minute plea for you to pray for our time.

The name of the conference is of course a play on President Johnson's words. But the change in the preposition highlights the Biblical truth that mercy ministry is a responsibility the mighty God who loves the orphan and widow gives to the church, and how we must fight to re-establish our position as the true dispensers of mercy. Indeed, as I will be showing, God will judge us if we fail. Hence the need for prayer!