Thursday, January 18, 2007

Creative Squirrel Uses 101

After a battle with them in our church building a while back, squirrels became a source of humor around Sycamore. In my office someone could get the mistaken idea that I am actually fond of the little rodents, as I have squirrel cards, lawn ornaments, pictures, a CD with a song about them, etc., on my bookshelves. I even have a squirrel sweatshirt. But as this picture shows, these fluffy rats can be dangerous. After all, even my squirrel sweatshirt has pictures of them on a "Ten Most Wanted" list like those in the Post Office.

If that does not convince you of their danger, maybe this link of them my brother sent me will. Though I do not recommend these uses of squirrels, at least we see some of them getting their due.


Charity said...

Though the photo and article are rather disturbing, I'd have to say I kind of miss seeing the little guys. :)

Shiloh said...

Some people think squirrels are good in a stew.

Phil Pockras said...

I do! Nice young ones, fried up, are right tasty. Not that getting them's that easy. Also, I've seen that look before on squirrels. I've been hunted by squirrels armed with pine cones and tree bark before. In the first instance I was unarmed and in the second there was a house twenty yards past the squirrel. It's considered discourteous, here in Ahia, to shoot toward or into a house.