Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rolling in the Light

A blogger's inner musings:

What about reviewing some of the great books I've been reading - Rutherford's Letters, Keller's The Reason of God, Owen on sin, etc.? Naw, certainly someone else has done it better - just use them in preaching. Hey, what about false unity at the Olympics? Ministry of the youth? Intern outtakes (catchy name but might make Bill and Jason mad)? Nope. Nope. Nope. Maybe another time (especially the one on interns). Could write about my final breakfast with Lindsay before college. No, too personal. But her lifting her iced coffee to her mouth and sucking her spoon thinking it was a straw sure was funny. Hey! There's an idea! Funny things this summer...
Last week I visited Bill Scott, a member of our church who is now a double amputee, at the nursing home where he lives. After nearly dying twice earlier this year, the Lord has amazingly raised him up. Bill was in good health and spirits, and is looking forward to his 70th birthday next month. It was a glorious, unseasonably cool August day, and as we visited Bill was sitting in his wheelchair as I reclined on a bench out in front. As we were reading and discussing from I John 1:5-10, a lady visiting her mother walked by who obviously knew Bill. Overhearing our conversation, she paused in front of us and asked, "Bill, are you walking in the light?" Bill paused for a moment, then said, "Naw. I'm rolling in the light."

A few weeks ago Trevor and I were in the neighborhood by the church handing out flyers for an upcoming event. He was on one side of the street and I on the other. As Trevor approached a rather rough-looking group of young men on a front porch, he was too pre-occupied about what he was going to say to the guy in front of him to notice exactly what that wrapping was around his neck. Suddenly it lifted its head and hissed in his face. Trevor realized he was nose-to-snout with a boa! He took a step back and then finished his invite like a man. As he related this to me later, he said, "When I first walked up, I thought it was too warm for him to be wearing a scarf."
While tending a booth for Sycamore Covenant Academy (see our new website!) at the local home school opening fair, I was glad to see again the physical therapist who had worked on my knee after ACL surgery years ago (when a guy massages your knee for weeks on end, you tend not to forget him nor he you). After a bit, he said, "You know why I remember you so well, don't you?" Thinking he was about to recall some spiritual insight I had given him in our many conversations or at least how well I had done in therapy, I responded humbly yet expectantly, "No. What?" He asked, "Do you recall that one time I lifted your foot in the air to test your flexibility, put your leg back down, then asked if you had a dog?" He remembered me by what he had found on the bottom of my shoe.
Want some guaranteed giggles? Go to the local pet store, buy an American chameleon (an anole) for five or six bucks, and give it to your nearest five year-old girl. I actually got two, one for Celia and one for Spencer. They dubbbed them "Spiffy and Spoofy," avoiding the more prophetic-type names like "Squishy." This morning I left with her giving me my customary hug, she laughing in delight as on one hand was Spoofy and on the other was Spiffy (don't ask me how she tells them apart, but she does). Receiving lizard hugs, hearing her constant commentary as we catch crickets and flies for them out back, and receiving reports when I come home from work makes me shake my head in wonder at how God can give so much pleasure to one of His little ones through one of His little "creeping things" (Genesis 1:25). Yet I guess I should not be surprised. If we are to marvel at these little creature's wisdom in getting into king's palaces (Proverbs 30:28), should I really be that surprised at the uninhibited wonder she has in what the God of wisdom has created?
A blogger's final musing:
Hmm. I hope laughing at these things out loud on a blog is not too unbecoming for a pastor. But am I not like that lizard in her hand - small on the earth, yet in the palace of the King? Is not this whole creation for us to delight in? And am I not like a little child by a daddy's side? Does He not find delight in us as we learn to wonder in Him? Surely those who read will understand that, won't they?

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